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The foundation of Karadi Organic’s growth has been caring, health, and ecology. We are dedicated to collaborating with numerous certified farmers who do not advocate the use of pesticides or genetically modified seeds in the production of their produce. We strive to provide our clients with a nutritious meal free of chemicals.

Our Story

The term “organic” can refer to any food produced solely using natural farming techniques without sacrificing the consumer’s health. In other words, no chemicals, no pesticides, or fertilizers derived from natural sources, and no inhumane farming practices.

Organic food production is not as expensive or unprofitable as some claim. Even though it is more expensive for the farmer than the typical chemical-dependent methods, it should not be too expensive for the average consumer.

Assuming that the current market prices for conventionally grown food (i.e. food produced using chemicals) are reasonable, it is only fair that an organic farmer should be compensated slightly more for his or her output and labor, especially in light of the fact that consumers are aware that organic food is superior to chemically produced food in all ways, including taste, flavor, and for their own health in addition to the health of the environment.

The lack of a ready market and frequently low prices for organic farmers’ produce are other aspects of the “issue” with organic food. The grower frequently does not get timely payments from middlemen, such as organic food traders. On the other hand, interested consumers of organic food are unable to locate what they require, at least not for a fair price. In some cases, customers are unsure if the food they are purchasing is truly organic because supplies are frequently erratic or unreliable.

We at Karadi Organic started this initiative to provide organic food and food products after taking all the aforementioned factors into consideration. To ensure fair prices for growers and easier access to a wide selection of organic foods for consumers at affordable prices, this is an effort to connect growers, processors, and buyers.

Organic Farming

Learn why choosing organic farming is better for both us and the environment. Instead of using artificial inputs like chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), organic farmers rely on natural cycles, biodiversity, and processes that are adapted to local conditions. thereby supporting the restoration of the health of ecosystems, soils, and populations.

  • To advance toward sustainability and return to the environment.
  • By providing them with a range of wholesome food options, to educate consumers about the advantages of organic food.
  • To incite a large-scale movement that would encourage people to switch to organic food and adopt a healthier lifestyle similar to how it was hundreds of years ago before pesticides were used and all the food we ate was natural and free of chemicals.

The wholeness and integrity of living systems are indicators of health. In an era when people are destroying nature’s goodness, we try to complete the circle by protecting it. Our guiding principles are fairness, care, health, and the environment. We are working to create a sustainable agroecosystem that ensures the preservation of soil and water and lower levels of pollution.

Not only is eating organic healthy, but it is also guilt-free. The earth takes care of us when we take care of it. Karadi Organics was founded on the tenet that nature need not suffer in our pursuit of progress, and it works to promote a healthy way of life. We support Mother Nature in our small way. And everyone else can by making just one good decision in life. The future’s course can be altered by us. Join the Karadi Organics story today.

Our Vow Being your local retailer obliges you to be open. This means that our online store will uphold the same commitment to you and your loved ones. We always welcome your questions, so please do so at any time. You can contact us by phone, mail, or just by leaving a message on one of our social media accounts.

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