Top 5 Places to Buy an Indian Cow Dung Cake Online

It is a useful and abundant material. It is a valuable resource that can assist us in a variety of ways.

Cow dung, also known as feces, is a mixture of water, other substances, and indigestible plant matter expelled from the intestine of an animal. Feces, whether from an animal or a person, are rarely brought up in conversation. But cow dung is worth discussing. It is a useful material that benefits us in a variety of ways. Furthermore, it is a plentiful and long-lasting resource. It is unfortunate when it is squandered.

Dung patches are also known as cow pies and cow pats because cow dung has a soft texture and is typically laid down in a circular pattern. Human waste, when used properly, makes excellent manure. It is an efficient fertilizer, fuel, biogas producer, building material, raw material for paper production, and insect repellent.

Cow dung is used to purify the air because it is said to emit oxygen when burned with ghee. Cow dung is high in beneficial microbes such as Saccharomyces, Lactobacillus, Bacillus, Streptococcus, Candida, and others.

Cow dung cakes have been utilized in traditional Indian households for yagnas/havan/Homa pooja/Agnihotri and a variety of religious activities, rituals, and natural plant fertilizer.

Benefits of cow dung

By acting as an organic fertilizer, it can improve soil fertility, earthworm reliability, and crop health. Cow dung is a natural disinfectant due to its antibacterial properties. To disinfect an area with cow dung, apply a paste of fresh cow dung to the floor. This is practiced in so many rural households across India. It is also said that burning dried cow dung cakes repels insects and mosquitoes.

Uses of cow dung

  • Fuel and Biogas
  • Biogas Production and Applications 
  • As a building material,
  • An insect repellent, and possibly a disinfectant
  • As a Plant food

Best places to Buy an Indian Cow Dung Cake Online

Karadi Organics is a one-stop shop for Puja products, Holy Books, monuments, and Hindu idols. Purchase Cow Dung online from India at low prices at

They provide the highest quality Cow Dung in the shortest amount of time. They sell cow dung cakes for Rs. 25 for two pieces.

Etsy is an online platform that connects sellers and buyers. It is mainly used to sell vintage pieces, hand-made goods, art, as well as crafts.

On Etsy, you can find a wide variety of cow dung online in India, ranging from one-of-a-kind handcrafted items to mass-produced options.

Cow Dung, Cow Dung Cake for Manure is available at IndiaMART in Chennai, Tamil Nadu for Rs 15/piece.

Their company is the largest provider of Cow Dung to customers. Cow pats, cow pies, and cow manure are all names for this product. This product is a by-product of the bovine animal species.

They sell natural cow dung cakes for Rs. 0.78 a piece.

Cow dung cakes are now available for purchase just on the Indian Amazon site.

They provide Pure Cow Dung Cakes for Pooja and Havan, as well as Divine Natural Cow Dung Cakes for All Religious Work.

Amazon has it for Rs 309 after a discount.

Cow dung cakes, also known as gobar uplas, are available on Flipkart. This item is available for purchase online.

You can buy it on Flipkart for Rs 279 after a 53% discount

However, it is important to the Indian economy because India is known for this tradition and because many vendors make money by selling their goods abroad.

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